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BAEG Autumn Forum and BAESS Briefing

The BAEG Autumn Forum and BAESS Briefing was held at
BHX on Monday 10 November 2008
The Forum was opened by Inspector Williams of the Airport Police
Unit who reviewed the success of BAESS - the Birmingham Aviation
Enthusiasts Security Scheme - and the important role it played in
helping Police the airport
PC Fran George of the Manpads Neighbourhood Policing team,
supported by PC Tracey Crebbin and PC Dave Townsend, then
briefed everyone on the role the local aviation enthusiast could
play in airport security and in particular detecting "manpads"....
.... just in case anyone was in doubt what a SAM missile launcher
looked like they had brought an example!

The Group watches a Video highlighting the threats posed by
SAM missiles. One of the actions that the Manpads team are
taking is establishing a "Community Engagement Register"
and details of this will appear here in due course
Two Officers from the Airport Firearms unit then gave a firearms demo
Joe Kelly, Director of the Airport Company, then joined the Forum
to review developments at the Airport since his last update back in
January 2008 - topics covered included the Runway extension
planning application, the new Ryanair new base, the impact of
the recession, business aviation facilities on the Elmdon site,
viewing facilities for enthusiasts, security barriers in front of the
terminal and those bus shelters!
Thanks to PC Ian Drewitt for organising the presentations by his
colleagues from the Airport Police and to Joe Kelly for not only
agreeing to host the event but again updating the local enthusiast
community on all things BHX!!
PC Ian Drewitt, the BAESS Liaison Off icier, with PC Fran George
on the Manpads Neighbourhood Policing team
BAESS is a joint initiative of the West Midlands Police based at Birmingham
International Airport and the Birmingham Aviation Enthusiasts Group
and is sponsored by Birmingham International Airport Limited
It has the following aims:
+ The use of enthusiasts' knowledge of the aviation environment and their
observation skills to report any suspicious activity
+ To promote responsible behaviour amongst enthusiasts, discouraging
the small minority that cause damage, obstructions etc
+ To promote greater understanding of the enthusiast's cause and
consultation on enthusiasts' issues with both the West Midlands Police
and the Airport Company
An ID badge is issued (free of charge) to all members of the "'BAESS" +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++


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