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Sunday 19 June 2011 - Kemble

"The Cotswold Air Show 2011" was held at Kemble
on 18-19 June 2011 - attendees included -
The theme of the show was the Hawker Hunters 60th birthday
with eight aircraft airborne and flying in formation!
Four of the Hunters flew a "missing man" formation in honour
of Steve Mills, Kemble's Chief Fire Officer, who was killed in an
accident earlier in the year
Two Dutch aircraft attended - Hawker Hunter F6A N-294....
.... and two seat Hawker Hunter T8C N-321
The Vulcan team emphasized its effect on crowd attendance
but even its presence could not persuade large crowds out in
Saturday's cold, wet and windy weather
The big noise on Sunday was provided by two Tornado GR4's
This year's display Tucano T1 ZF378 is in a special scheme
Two others having been written off over recent years, Sea Fury
VX281 is a new additional to the Royal Navy Historic Flight
Brendan O'Brien has fun landing his Cub G-BPCF
on the fast moving runway
During the air show lunch break on Sunday Dakota N347DK
(formerly G-AMSV of Air Atlantique and many other airlines)
arrived from Ireland. it is for overhaul before going to the
Indian Air Force Historic Flight
Lufthansa Resource Technical Training's (non flying) VFW 614
D-ASDB which is used to train students made a rare appearance
outside of their hangar
Apart from the air show, Kemble is known for its stored
and soon to be scrapped aircraft. Most recent arrivals are
six ex RAF Dominies....
.... also stored are three ex Farnair Hungary Fokker F27's
- they seem unlikely to find new operators
Chevron deal with BAe 146's between leases at Kemble.
These are not usually accessible but G-CFZM in Jagson
Airlines colours was visible at the end of their apron
Photos: David Depledge


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